Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The UNI STEM-line Kicks Off!!!

This is the STEM blog.  We will use this blog as a conduit for communication between our members and as a source of information for anyone who is interested in what STEM means to education.


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  2. It appears the posts I thought I made before the break that will serve as the agenda for this virtual meeting are not here -- so I'm going to try again. Feel free to respond to any or all of the items.

  3. Item 1: Please share any information that can serve the greater good of UNI STEM ED.

  4. Item 2: Please "discuss" the draft of the goals for UNI STEM ED posted below. Will they serve our community well when it comes to informing decisions we make, actions we take, etc.

    a. Synergistically support the work of STEM Ed. faculty at UNI
    b. Coordinate efforts among STEM Ed. faculty at UNI
    c. Provide a coherent, unified face for STEM education at UNI
    d. Promote the work of UNI STEM Ed. faculty
    e. Serve as a “go to” place for STEM Ed. consultants needed in Iowa

  5. Item 3: How might we use the remaining UNI IMSEP funds (other than to help create a web page for our community)? 4. Use of UNI IMSEP funds ($9,426). Leigh Z. has asked for some funds for a conference in the spring where K-12 teachers and their students share how technology is used in their classrooms. The UNI IMSEP Exec. Com. (Catherine M, Bill Harwood, Cherin Lee, Ed Rathmell and Joel Haack) considered this and decided that part of it could be funded, based, proportionally on how many math and science entries there are. What other ideas are there for using these funds? Remember that hiring an outreach person was considered last time, is this something to pursue? STEM Ed summer camps?

  6. Item 4: To inform the design of the UNI STEM ED webpage we need to consider its purpose and how we think it might be used. So, what do you think are the purposes of the STEM Ed. webpage?

  7. Cathy and all,
    Since I am new to this blog and it appears others are not using it I will reply directly to Cathy.